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Often used for food and pharmaceutical applications

vacuum conveyor materials are drawn to the delivery point through a totally enclosed pipeline, in a clean, contained stream of air generated by a vacuum pump. In vacuum conveying, no moving parts contact the materials, no dust escapes into the atmosphere and no contamination can enter the system.

Grain Powder Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

The Vacuum Conveyor consist of vacuum pump(no oil and water), stainless steel suction tube, flexible hose, PE filter or SUS316 filter, compressed air cleaning device, pneumatic discharging device, vacuum hopper and automatic level control device. This machine can reach GMP standard and is the ideal feeding to food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Wichai 0815499711

Food process engineer .

Working experience on food processing more than 15 years with dust extraction design skill on their process.


Preecha 0950540917

Industrial dust collector .

Working experience on dust collection ,dust extraction and dust control design for more than 15 years with electrical and electronic design on controller

Tassanai 0818314368

Industrial vacuum system .
Working experience on vacuum system , dust extraction , dust collection design for more than 20 years with knowledge of industrial vacuum cleaner .

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